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My new project for the rest of the term is to design a campaign for the app company, Bumble. To my understanding, there are two main points that Bumble would like to emphasize about their app. 

1.) It is for dating, making friends, and to network–business-wise.

2.) It is a women empowerment app that (seems to) aims to break gender stereotypes/roles.

One of the challenges I am facing is how to compromise the two points (especially number 2) because the reality of the matter is: online dating/dating apps are principally superficial and they exacerbate the culture of "judging others based on appearance.” The irony is that feminism (woman empowerment) strives to do the exact opposite of that. The purpose of the movement that is feminism is to inspire society not to judge people based on superficial labels– such as gender, sexual orientation, race, etc.– but to look past the skin and consider the quality of an individual on the basis of their character.

Bumble seems to be on the forefront of a “new” kind of feminism; one that does not try and revert trends but instead accepts the current means of starting relationships (digitally).

Who is my audience? Female students but who? What age? Be definitive. Aim the campaign at somebody. i.e. 20-25. HUMOR. taking a piss on "perfection". Critical but humorous. Light-hearted.  

initial inspo. ideas:::

Watch comedians commenting on dating apps

What stupid things do guys do?

How do 20-25 year olds feel about dating apps?

What are the “bad” things about dating apps that we can laugh at?

Efficiency. Super market bar codes being scanned.

preliminary bumble branding notes::

initial mood board::

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